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I am a progressive Maker Educator, STEAM curriculum integrator and educational technologist with a background in art, film, music and technology. I have a Masters in Teaching from Concordia University, and a teaching license in Art and English Language Arts. 


My teaching in schools, summer camps, universities and professional development for educators supports creative confidence, curiosity, and wonder. Beyond preparing learners for STEAM based futures -  I believe every learner has the right to the support and resources that will prepare them for any future they imagine.

I enjoy working with individual educators, schools, districts, libraries and organizations regarding maker education, design thinking, curriculum design and innovative teaching practices that consider neurodiversity and non-traditional learners. If I can support your work, feel free to get in touch

Michael Hyde

Conference Presentations & Events

Presenter: Instructional Practice 
STEAM at the Intersection of
TAB and Makerspace   
National Art Education Association National Conference
March 22-24, 2018 in Seattle, WA
with Sam Salenger
Jean Piaget Society 
"Technologies and Human Development"
with Jennifer Wyld and Krystal Meisel
Workshop Facilitator: 
Making and Tinkering: Hands-On, Integrated Learning  
with Rob Van Nood
NWAIS Educators Conference
"Thinkers, Transformers, and Troublemakers"

Designing, Making, Playing. 

I built a Makey Makey table instrument to surprise my students with singing cupcakes for a birthday celebration. To test it out, I played around with different materials. When I pulled a leaf from a pile I had brought inside to test, I found a tiny conductive friend hanging out...

You know you're a maker educator when... you do your "back to school" shopping at Home Depot, not Office Depot. It's a  small miracle when everything fits into your compact car!

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